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eGrafx was established in 2015 and is located in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in providing graphic design, technical graphics, publications, and photography to the Aerospace & Defense and related companies. We understand how the technical proposal process works and have created many graphics for DARPA proposals, white papers, technical journals, and publications.

Graphic Design, Technical Illustration and Photographic Services:

• Technical Graphics
• Graphic Design
• Conceptual Illustrations
• Websites
• Branding
• Publications
• Printed Materials
• Trade Shows
• Large Format Displays
• Product Photography

Conceptual Illustration:

Conceptual illustration is one of our specialized services. Producing a clear and precise image is a cost effective solution towards communicating your product or creative idea to a potential investor, partner or manufacturer and can save you the initial high cost of creating a tangible prototype. A strong visual impact will leave a lasting impression that words alone cannot convey. eGrafx has many years of experience working with inventors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Please view our Before & After examples to see how we can help you visualize your concept.

In-House vs Remote:

eGrafx is excellent choice for companies that require occasional graphics support and do not have their own graphics department. eGrafx is also a great resource for in-house graphics departments that need some supplemental support outside of their normal work flow. eGrafx offers the flexibility, convenience, and service of providing full graphics and photographic support as needed. All source files are provided free of charge. If you are local to eGrafx, we can come to you and provide service on site if required.

Moto Art:

eGrafx has a passion for the world of motorcycles and automobiles. We are a proud member of the 805 Ducati Owners Club (805DOC) and offer the capability of photographing your prized vehicle and turning it into a timeless image. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions about this service.

Customer Satisfaction:

At eGrafx we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best service possible. Honesty and integrity are at the top of our list when it comes to our clients. Total customer satisfaction is our goal on each and every project. eGrafx does not have set operating hours or charge extra for rush jobs. Source files are provided with each project. We simply do whatever is needed to get the job done and will let you know before we start if it’s possible and what the cost will be. At eGrafx we offer extremely competitive pricing and provide free quotes for all of our services.

Give Us a Try:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or if you would like to discuss a project.
Thanks for Visiting,
Craig Fennel


Please click on the View Gallery links below to view the eGrafx portfolios.

Technical Illustration

technical illustration

  • tech-01
  • tech-03
  • tech-16
  • tech-31
  • tech-32
  • tech-33
  • tech-15
  • tech-36
  • tech-40
  • tech-41
  • tech-42
  • tech-43
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Conceptual Illustration

conceptual illustration

  • concept-01
  • concept-13
  • concept-02
  • concept-03
  • concept-04
  • concept-05
  • concept-06
  • concept-07
  • concept-08
  • concept-09
  • concept-10
  • concept-11
  • concept-12
  • concept-14
  • concept-15
  • concept-16
  • concept-17
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Website Designs

View Website


View Website

Opto Diode


product photography

  • photo-01
  • photo-31
  • photo-02
  • photo-03
  • photo-30
  • photo-22
  • photo-07
  • photo-08
  • photo-09
  • photo-13
  • photo-15
  • photo-17
  • photo-27
  • photo-19
  • photo-23
  • photo-21
  • photo-28
  • photo-32
  • photo-25
  • photo-34
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logo design

  • logos-1
  • logos-2
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Moto Art

Automobile Moto Art

Automobile Moto Art

  • auto-01
  • auto-02
  • auto-03
  • auto-04
  • auto-05
  • auto-06
  • auto-07
  • auto-08
  • auto-09
  • auto-10
  • auto-11
  • auto-12
  • auto-13
  • auto-14
  • auto-15
  • auto-16
  • auto-17
  • auto-18
  • auto-19
  • auto-20
  • auto-21
  • auto-22
  • auto-23
  • auto-24
  • auto-25
  • auto-26
  • auto-27
  • auto-28
  • auto-29
  • auto-30
  • auto-31
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Before and After


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